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PRP with laser skin resurfacing

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Platelet- rich plasma has earned considerable attention in aesthetic medicine in recent years. It is a treatment derived from your own blood cells, namely the platelets and growth factors that aid in repair. Intuitively it makes sense to use the body’s innate system of growth factors to enhance and modulate cell activity in a targeted manner.

Many aesthetic physicians are using PRP to improve cosmetic procedures, such as fat transfer, facelifts, and laser resurfacing.  The “vampire facelift”, also called Selphyl actually uses PRP injections to rejuvenate the face.

post laser prp

There has been published evidence that PRP does improve the recovery after laser resurfacing.  Below, a patient is shown before and 5 days after ActiveFX fractional skin resurfacing with PRP.  The benefits seem to include faster skin regrowth and less redness.

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