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“Not a Day Over 25”

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This week, Dr. Brett Kotlus and Dr. Charles Mok attended the 25th anniversary conference of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, held in Phoenix, Arizona. The theme of the conference was “not a day over 25”. Advances in laser liposuction and facial cosmetic surgery were highlighted.

Dr. Kotlus presented two scientific papers at the meeting entitled “New Technologies for a Better Browplasty” and “Laser Lipolysis Without Suction: a Single Arm Trial”.

At the meeting, a 3-dimensional photography system was demonstrated that is able to measure, calculate, and morph images of women who are interested in breast augmentation. The computer allows the doctor to select an implant size and the computer calculates what it is likely to look like after surgery. You are able to see your “after” potential without surgery!

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is the leading organization for surgeons who perform cosmetic procedures. This multidisciplinary group additionally supports 1 and 2 year cosmetic surgery fellowships and training workshops across the country.