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More Michigan men turning to cosmetic procedures

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male blephThere have been many reports in the news about men having more cosmetic procedures.  This article describes how men are using more Botox (and soon the newest competitor, Reloxin) to soften frown lines and look more youthful to stay competitive in a tough job market. This is especially true in Michigan.

At Allure Medical, more and more men have shown interest in Botox, GFX, and laser skin procedures such as ActiveFX, photodynamic therapy (PDT), and blepharoplasty.  Also popular among men has been fillers for wrinkles and laser liposuction for necks, abdomens, flanks, and chests.

Pictured above is one of Dr. Kotlus’ patients after an eyelid lift.  Newer techniques allow for painless procedures with almost no downtime.