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Men’s Services: Hair Treatment

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Sometimes it seems like you just can’t win – men always have either too much hair, or too little. Maybe you have the right amount, but it just isn’t in the right places. While over the counter products can provide a small amount of relief, most men don’t want to spend the entire day grooming. You can still care about your appearance, but not have to waste all that time by calling on a professional. Learn about the most popular hair treatments for men to understand both the technical details, and the benefits, of laser hair removal and scarless hair transplants.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can remove or reduce hair on the back, chest, stomach, or shoulders. Lasers zap the hair follicle causing thermal damage which stops the hair from growing. Yes, you are get zapped with lasers – how cool is that? Don’t worry about getting burned though, because the lasers are very exactly targeted towards the hairs, while the contact cooling hand piece helps protect your skin with conductive cooling while the laser energy is delivered. A topical anesthetic can also be applied to reduce skin sensitivity. Results can vary from person to person, but often this type of hair removal can have a lasting effect. These high tech machines help reduce the need for repeated treatments. Laser hair removal is a high-tech, low risk method of hair removal, allowing you to ditch frequent shaving, painful waxing, and toxic hair removal creams.

Hair Transplantation and Restoration

No one likes to suffer hair loss or getting older, but hair transplantation surgery can be intimidating. A big fear that many people have is that, “it will look fake” or that there will be a scar. The whole point of hair restoration is to improve your appearance. Luckily there are now many different hair restoration options, to give you a scarless treatment that is uniquely tailored to your appearance. A leading technique available is called Follicular-Unit Extraction, or FUE that is used in NeoGraft transplantations. But what does this really mean when compared to traditional hair restoration treatments?

Traditional Hair Restorations Treatments

Hair restoration options have been around for a while, and here are some of the most common ones in the past.

  • Creams have shown some effects on stopping or slowing hair loss, or promoting new hair growth. Side effects include irritation and unwanted hair in different places.
  • Pills, taken over a period of at least 6 months, have helped patients see results, but can have severe side effects including sexual side effects, risk of prostate cancer, and anxiety or depression.
  • FUT, or follicular unit transplantation, involves taking a strip of healthy tissue from the back of the scalp. However, with this method, a line scar can form which can be painful and embarrassing.


In NeoGraft™ procedures, hair follicles are gathered one at a time using vacuum-like pressure, which removes 1 to 4 hairs at a time. Surgeries using NeoGraft actually take less time than traditional “cut and paste” hair restoration methods. As a minimally invasive procedure, FUE is conducted without cutting a patch of skin. This lack of cutting also eliminates the need for painstaking extraction from the removed strip, which is why the process is faster. Recovery times are also significantly faster, with no scarring or stitches.

Whether your hair is too thin, too thick, or simply in the wrong place; there is a hair treatment out there specifically designed for men. Avoid the extra grooming time or embarrassing trips down the cosmetics aisles by consulting a men’s medical spa professional for long lasting and safe hair treatments.