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Let’s All Learn About Gummy Bears

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headerWhile gummy bear candies are simply delicious, the gummy bear implants are nothing short of amazing. In fact, they are considered to be the most advanced breast implants on the market today. At Allure we’re full of excitement about this innovative and incredible product.
Last week, we performed a breast augmentation on Facebook Live without sedation using the new Natrelle gummy bear implants. This is sure to raise a lot of interest and questions about the procedure. Following is some information about the implants that might help answer common questions from our patients.



implant_cutNatrelleⓇ is owned by Allergan, the same company that provides Botox to our office. These implants are formed into a teardrop shape. The gummy bear name comes from the idea that if these implants were cut in half they would retain their shape much like the candy gummy bear. Prior implants did not hold their shape and could actually distort in the body causing rippling, bubbles, and sometimes bottoming out or dropping. These new implants mimic the natural contours of a woman’s body, they have a gel feel and do not distort or move around the way under-the-muscle implants do.  We’re also offering a satisfaction guarantee. If the patient is unhappy with their results, a full refund will be made.


CPGThe current pricing of these implants is $6500. This is $1000 more than our current silicone implants but there will be no sedation fee. Because these surgeries are performed without sedation, this makes the price difference only $250 more than our current cost.

Since these implants are placed above the muscle, the surgery is essentially painless. We will use a tumescent solution (explained below) to numb the breasts prior to implantation. This will allow the patient to have surgery awake, without the aid of any oral or IV sedation. This creates the option for the patients to drive themselves and offers them the opportunity for same day treatment.

The tumescent fluid that we’ll use to numb the breasts consists of a normal saline solution that has three medications injected into it. The first medication is Lidocaine which actually numbs the breast, similar to an experience at the dentist. The second is Sodium BiCarbonate. This medication acts as a buffer to help minimize irritation while injecting the Lidocaine which can cause a burning sensation. The final medication is Epinephrine, this helps to constrict blood vessels and decreases the amount of blood loss during surgery.

If you have any additional questions or would like to see or touch the implants, please see me.

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Tanya Panski R.N.