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Legs & Fingers Crossed

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Learn how Allure Medical’s LadyLase treatment is helping women live life with more confidence.

Does the thought of a cough, sneeze, laugh or bounce have you crossing your legs and hoping for the best?

You can take solace in knowing you are not alone and now can get in the line behind the roughly 13 million Americans (85% of which are women) rushing to the restroom trying to cover up the embarrassment of their urinary incontinence mishap.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a common type of urinary incontinence. Urine is leaked when any type of stress is placed on the weakened sphincter muscle or pelvic floor of a bladder. The immense amount of stretching that occurs during a vaginal delivery is a common cause of this weakening. Recent, studies suggest that as many as 50% of women experience some degree of mild to moderate SUI in the years following childbirth. The weakening of the pelvic floor muscles can also be caused by menopause, obesity, and certain medications.

Treatment for this issue can be as uncomfortable as the problem itself; time voiding, panty liners, tampon-like vaginal inserts, bladder and urethra repositioning, urethra injections and even surgery are a few of the unappealing available treatments. Women often feel like there is no reasonable fix for this emotionally devastating and often physically painful problem.

It turns out, they are wrong! Allure Medical would like to invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation for the simple, safe, and groundbreaking new LadyLase treatment. You’ll learn why 94% of our female clients experience improvement of their symptoms and 70% of them are reporting dry days at the 120 day mark.

LadyLase therapy is a proven treatment for mild to moderate SUI that uses heat to shrink and tighten the vaginal tissue and collagen connective tissue that bind the pelvic muscles together.

The result is greater support to the bladder. Plus, this minimally invasive in-office procedure has no contradictions, no risks and no downtime. It’s a quick treatment that can be completed on your lunch break. Side effects are very minimal, some women report experiencing mild to moderate discomfort during treatment, which subsides once the procedure is complete. Mild swelling and redness can occur after treatment and an increase of vaginal discharge for the first few days following treatment is normal. To ensure optimal results, our LadyLase package contains two treatments that are completed 2-4 weeks apart.

Allure Medical’s LadyLase treatment using the Fotona™ laser system and its patent- pending application of IncontiLase® can help restore the confidence back in your step, jump, sneeze, cough and laugh.




by Nicole Stapp, MSN, WHNP-BAC.