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Starting now through March, we’re offering our ladies some lovely deals. Get some Va Va Voom for those kissing lips and Lady Love to enhance every sensation. Plan your date with Allure by scheduling your consultation. You deserve it, treat yourself right!

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$1,500 – 2 Treatments  // Relax and tighten using light and energy

G-Spot Filler

$1,000 // Raise the spot, enhance the feeling

GO-Spot PRP Injections

$1,000 // Increase the big sensation

Brazilian Hair Removal

$1,000 – 5 Treatments  // Get rid of the hairy situation

Fotana External Skin Tightening

$1,000 – 4 Treatments // Tighten and sculpt the love region

Mons Fat Reduction (CoolSculpting)

$1,500 // Trim the fat for looks and pleasure


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Botox Lip

$100 // Add some volume for sensuous lips

Lip Plumping Filler

$600 // Make your lips attractive and full

Lip Wrinkle Filler

$600 // Get your lips smooth again


$500 – Above the Lip & Nasolabial Fold  //  Tighten and strengthen with an ultrasound

Laser Hair Removal Package

$500 –  5 Treatments of the upper lip, chin or neck  //  Stop your unwanted hair growth

Liquid Smile

$100 –  Let your smile shine brighter

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