June 2017 Magic Lift Events | Allure Medical

June 2017 Magic Lift Events

The Magic Lift is on tour!  Pick your location and date below:

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “my skin is sagging.  I’ve developed extra skin on my face and neck.  I always look angry or sad, even when I’m not.  When did this happen?”

The good news is you didn’t grow extra skin and it (for the most part) didn’t stretch out.  What happened is your fat pockets that once made you look young and youthful have slowly deteriorated over time, causing you to look more fatigued, stressed and angry.

The Allure Magic Lift is the solution you’ve been waiting for.  The Magic Lift us a custom designed package of Botox, fillers, and skin rejuvenating lasers that will allow your emotions of relaxed, happy and interested to shine through.

No two faces are the same, so why should you settle for a treatment that is the same for every person?  The beauty of Allure’s Magic Lift is that it is 100% customized package that is specific to your wants and needs.

Learn more about this magical procedure at our next Magic Lift event where you’ll hear from our top providers how the Magic Lift works to reverse the signs of aging in less than an hour.