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Is the South Beach Diet Still Legit… or was It just Another Fad?

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The South Beach Diet. Without exception, this has been one of the most popular fad diets in the United States in the last 15 years.

Created in the early 2000s by Dr. Arthur Agatston, The South Beach Diet is really a three-phased, “modified, low-carbohydrate diet” that encourages dieters to sacrifice carbohydrates in favor of increased protein and healthy fats.

How The South Beach Diet works

Using the glycemic index as a barometer to determine which foods you should eat versus those you should avoid, The South Beach Diet is built on the notion that unwanted weight gain can be tied to chronic, irregular blood sugar levels.

The basic theory is this:

  • Foods that are high on the glycemic index lead to blood sugar spikes.
  • Blood sugar spikes lead to increased hunger, a lower-metabolism, and the retention of dietary calories as fat cells.
  • This leads to unwanted weight gain and an increased risk for various ailments and illnesses, like heart disease.
  • By reducing or eliminating the ingestion of foods that are high on the glycemic index, blood sugar levels remain consistent and the body’s metabolic rate stays higher than it otherwise would.
  • This leads to a healthier, trimmer physique, and improved overall wellness.

What will The South Beach Diet eliminate from your diet

Among others, The South Beach Diet will eliminate (temporarily) the following foods from your diet:

  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Pasta
  • Fruit
  • Bread
  • Squash

Is The South Beach Diet the same as the Atkins Diet?

No, but they ARE similar. While both diets stress a reduced intake of carbohydrates, The South Beach Diet is more of a “philosophical” diet without detailed dietary instructions, whereas the Atkins Diet comes with a rigid structure—it outlines, specifically, how many carbohydrates can be consumed at any point and time in the diet.

Another difference?

The Atkins Diet “OKs” the consumption of saturated fats, while The South Beach Diet more or less outlaws saturated fats entirely.

Will The South Beach Diet work for you?

It is impossible to say with certainty—it works for some dieters, but others see nothing in the way of results. The thing you must remember is this: The South Beach Diet is not a magic pill.  It will not transform your body overnight and may never deliver the weight loss results that you’re looking for (And even if you do see results, there’s a better than 90% chance you will put the weight back in within five years.)

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to exercise with regularity or you don’t feel confident in your ability to firmly commit to the dietary restrictions mandated in The South Beach Diet, you may want to pursue other avenues for weight loss.

Alternative options to The South Beach Diet

In addition to the laundry list of other fad diets out there, there are non-diet options—backed by established medical science—that deliver incredible weight loss results.  Many of these non-diet options are offered here at Allure Medical, and will discussed at his Fad Diet Seminar on August 1st at 6pm. Feel Free to come join us!  These treatments are safe, fast, and effective at helping individuals like you enjoy a healthier lifestyle without any of the strict commitments that a traditional fad diet will require.


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