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Is it possible to lose 7 inches in one week with diet changes and the Zerona® laser?

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Zerona® is a cold laser (meaning it doesn’t emit heat) to cause little openings in fat cells.  Scientists have proven that when tissues are exposed to this laser for several minutes, fat cell walls actually become leaky.

Without dieting, Zerona® can cause modest size reduction. When the laser is used 3 times a week for 2 weeks, without diet or exercise change; the average person can lose an inch off the waist, an inch of the hips and nearly an inch off each thigh (so an accumulative 3.5” total). 1,2,3

This treatment can be more effective if you go into a negative calorie balance, (eating fewer calories and healthier food choices).

Here is what we did at Allure:  One male and one female were placed on a diet consisting of low fats and no refined or simple sugars, while eating lean protein, vegetables and fiber filled foods which actually burn up to 30% of the energy they contain to digest.  They did not reduce portion size, count calories or change any exercise pattern.

The man had his abdomen treated 6 times in two weeks.  His weight was down over 16 lbs., and he lost 5 inches around his upper abdomen and 4 inches around his lower abdomen.

The woman lost 8 lbs in two weeks. (women have a lower metabolism, and generally don’t have the same results) and lost 9 1/2” total between the waist, hips and thighs.


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