Insurance Coverage for Vein Disease Treatment

Coverage of vein treatment is very common among most insurance plans. The usual criteria for coverage is that the patient exhibits symptoms that are typical of vein disease like leg discomfort, swelling, fatigue, restlessness, aching, discoloration, open ulcers and more.

Some insurers require that the patient first attempt to treat their vein disease with compression stockings and other maneuvers. During your free leg screening, the billing department at Allure Medical will check your insurance coverage and review your benefits with you. If you do not have insurance coverage for vein treatment, or insurance at all, we will let you know the final cost in advance. We offer a variety of interest-free payment options.

Spider veins are generally considered to be a cosmetic procedure and not covered by most insurance plans. The only exception we have found is with Blue Cross Messa (which some public school teachers have).


Dr. Charles Mok Answers Your Insurance Coverage Questions

Many patients wonder if vein procedures are covered, and what their costs may be. All insurance plans are different, so it depends on your carrier. At Allure Medical, we work with many different…

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