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Heal Your Leg Pain, Live Your Best Life.

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Want to hear a surprising statistic? Forty million people in the United States suffer from vein disease. This disease is the cause of silent misery in the bodies of those who suffer from it. Our goal is to change that.



In healthy legs, the veins work in a one-way fashion. The flow goes upward, back toward the heart. This action is completed through the use of valves in the veins. Unfortunately, when those valves cease to work properly, they can begin to block natural blood flow and cause the blood to flow backward. That backflow is what leads to vein disease. Over time, the severity of the problem and difficulty in treatment can become worse and worse.


What do varicose veins feel like? Among other things: itching, aching, heaviness, numbness, tingling, restless legs, and throbbing. The look, however, is what most people notice first: bruising, swelling, discoloration, bulging veins, and open sores or ulcers are common. The cause? A slew of things: genetics, obesity, hormones, aging, and prolonged sitting or standing (without movement).

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