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Happier Living Though Clear Skin

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Meet Terrance


Acne. We’ve all been there. It usually happens when we hit puberty, but sometimes acne can continue into adulthood. Cystic acne in particular can be difficult to deal with—that’s the kind that results in painful, deep-seated cysts that cause reddened bumps and potential scarring. Terrance, a college student and Allure patient, is all too familiar with how cystic acne can affect a person’s life. “Before I came to Allure for treatments, I had really low self-esteem because of the acne,” he says. “Just talking to people on a daily basis was kind of difficult.”

His mother Amanda agrees, adding that it was tough to see her son have to go through that. Along with seeing their family doctor, they saw several dermatologists in the hopes of finding a solution. Unfortunately, none of the treatments he tried worked for more than a week, and one—a sulfate-based medication—even caused an allergic reaction. “Before we came to Allure, I went to the pharmacy and asked them for a printout of all the medications Terrance had been on,” says Amanda. “They gave me a stack of papers an inch thick.” Luckily, she was an Allure patient herself at the
time, and when she told Chris Whitenight (the medical aesthetician who was treating her) about Terrance’s struggles, Chris wanted to help.

“When you’re dealing with severe acne, it’s best to seek out multiple treatment options—you’ll get a
better outcome when you combine treatment methods,” says Chris. In Terrance’s case, she recommended laser
treatments, including resurfacing treatments to help reduce the scarring that the ac
ne had created. “Sometimes people get scared when they hear the word ‘laser’ because they think it’s a drastic treatment, but it’s really not—there’s no downtime at all.”

She was pleased to see that Terrance responded well to the treatment plan, noting that now that his skin has cleared up, he’s smiling more and has a new sparkle in his eyes. “The most satisfying thing has been to see him brighten up—he’s more positive and confident.”

His mom agrees, saying that she can see that her son’s confidence has gone “way up,” as she puts it. “He’s a very social kid, so being able to be confident makes everything so much easier for him.”

Given that standard treatments like antibiotics and various topical creams did wanted to put Terrance on an isotretinoin like Accutane, Amanda says, but she was aware of the side effects that kind of medication could cause, especially for someone diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. (Terrance has been dealing with Crohn’s since he was 17.) She’s very glad shebrought Terrance to Allure for treatment instead.

Terrance is thrilled, too. “Now my confidence is at an all-time high,” he says. “The treatments definitely changed my perspective on life—I’m more comfortable, and I get a lot of compliments from my friends and family about my clear skin.” He’s looking forward to starting the new semester with a fresh outlook. In his own way, he hopes to one day help people be more comfortable in their own skin—he’s currently studying illustration with the goal of becoming a tattoo artist.