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Facial Aging Quiz

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Are you lacking the youthful appearance you desire? Is your face losing its elasticity and volume? At a recent seminar at Allure Medical, Dr. Charles Mok described the 3-D’s of aging: descent, deflation, and deterioration.  With age, our facial muscles begin to sag, we lose fat in our faces, and our skin collagen degrades, causing it to lose its stretch.

If you want to determine if you can possibly benefit from revolumization treatment (and you are a Canadian citizen), visit the Self-Assessment Questionnaire from the Canadian Sculptra site, found here.

Sculptra is an injectible product that restores facial volume. In the U.S., it is approved by the FDA for HIV-associated lipoatrophy- in Canada it is approved for cosmetic applications.  There are doctors in the U.S. that use Sculptra as an off-label filler to combat aging.  The results are quite remarkable and very long-lasting, on the scale of years.