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Don’t Let Winter Get Under Your Skin

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winter-skin Learn some tips on choosing the right moisturizing products and how to keep your skin healthy all year round

by Mariana Atanasovski, MD

Just as extra layers of clothing are needed to keep warm, an extra layer of heavier skin moisturizer is a good call for the chilly months ahead. Scientifically speaking, during the winter months there is drastically less humidity in the air which makes everyone of us more prone to dry skin.

With so many different lotions on the market shelves, choosing the right product for your skin can seem like a baffling task. Of course, right here at Allure Dermatology we offer great solutions, and Allure Facesilk is a favorite among our patients.

If you have acne prone skin, you’ll want to pick a product that is noncomedogenic. Check out CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM with SPF 30, it’s a great non pore clogging option. And yes, even though it’s cold, sunscreen is still an important factor since the reflection from snow will intensify the Sun’s rays. Finding makeup or moisturizer with SPF is a bonus.

Dry, cracked hands and fingers are also common complaints in the winter time. Applying a hand cream routinely will help combat cracks in the skin (called fissures) that may even bleed if you let them get too severe. To make moisturizing a daily routine, figure out what fits best in your day, maybe it’s in the mornings after a shower or as you wind down for the evening. Doing it every day is key.

Also, look for moisturizers containing ceramides. Ceramides help retain moisture on the skin surface and “glue” skin cells together to provide a barrier against the harsh elements. They exist naturally within our skin, but the level of ceramides decreases as we age. Choosing CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, which contains ceramides, will work extremely effectively as a soothing hand cream.

For unbearably dry, cracked hands, we recommend Aveeno Skin Relief Healing Ointment. To provide extra healing, you could even wear moisturizing gloves overnight which absorb and retain the oils in your hands.

Washing your hands with soaps containing moisturizers is also a smart idea. This adds an additional layer of moisture throughout the day. Two great products with fair price tags are Dove Cool Moisture Handwash and Softsoap Moisturizing Hand Soap with Shea Butter.  If you favor bar soap then Dove for Sensitive Skin and Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar are also solid options for the winter. As a rule of advice, beware of added fragrances. Although they may offer a pleasing scent, fragranced soaps and hand creams can cause stinging and burning to skin that is already irritated.

Whether you’re someone who actively enjoys the winter with skiing and snow activities, or someone who’d rather stay indoors because they simply can’t stand the weather, the winter air is going to affect your skin. By keeping on an extra layer of moisturizer and making it a daily routine everyone can maintain healthy skin and prevent themselves from heading down the slippery slopes of dryness.

Remember, your skin is the first line of defense from the external factors of nature, and using the right lotion is your number one way to keep it strong, all winter long.


Mariana Atanasovski, MD is a board-certified dermatologist with Allure Dermatology.  Dr. Atanasovski works with patients of all ages on conditions ranging from minor rashes and bumps to advanced stages of skin cancer.  She sees patients at Allure’s Shelby Township, MI location and accepts new patient same-day whenever possible.