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DermaPen Aftercare DUPLICATE





  •  Avoid any prolonged sun or tanning exposure (This includes Airbrush or stains) 24 hours before treatment. 
  •  On the day of treatment keep your face clean & do not apply make-up.
  •  If in an active or extreme acne breakout occurs before treatment contact provider. 


  •  Your skin may feel warm or sunburned, which should subside in 1-2 hours. Your skin may appear red & blotchy with swelling. Your skin can continue to be red or pink for a 24 hour period after treatment. 
  • In some areas of the skin, you may get a bruise due to the piercing of the needles.  Bruising is normal, especially in areas treated for scarring.


  • CLEAN: Use a soothing cleanser with no abrasives & tepid water. Make sure your hands are clean & pat dry with a towel. Do not rub skin!! 
  • HEAL: We recommend using ALLURE Vitamin C. Our specialized blend has active growth factors that enhance the reactions of your DermaPen treatment. (The strength will be determined by your provider). 
  • HYDRATE: Your skin will become drier than normal. Post laser creams such as Green Tea Hydration Lotion, or Gentle Recovery Complex should be used as needed for comfort.
  • PROTECT: Immediately after the procedure, apply SPF, which should also be used daily to protect from the sun. Allure offers chemical free SPF, protection without irritation.  


  • Stay out of the sun for 24 hours. (This includes tanning beds)
  • Swimming or other exposures to chemicals until your skin has healed.
  • Exercise or other strenuous activity for 24 hours. Sweating & gym environment can be harmful due to bacteria & may cause an adverse reaction.


  •  Sleep with extra pillows. Elevation can alleviate swelling.  
  • Put your Post Laser Lotion in a refrigerator, so it’s comforting upon applications.
  • Apply Post Laser Lotion liberally to keep skin from becoming dry & tight. 
  • A Gel Mask is available for purchase. It has a  built-in recovery complex.
  • Your Aesthetician can provide product education for your best result. 

Should there be questions or concern regarding your procedure feel free to contact our office (586) 992-8300.