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CoolSculpting: Not Just for Celebrities

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By:  Charles Mok, DO

“I tried CoolSculpting, Kloe Kardashian’s Fat-Freezing Secret to a Killer Body.”  As reported by Carrie Dilluvio of E! News, Coolsculpting is no longer just for celebrities.

Researchers at Harvard discovered that there is a secret temperature where fat cells die, and other cells, such as skin, nerves, veins and connective tissue, survive.  Putting the fat at this temperature for about an hour leads to about 25% of the fat cells dying, leaving the body forever.

Allure Medical (located in Shelby Township, Livonia, Warren, Clarkston and Southgate, MI) has performed over 30,000 of these fat busting procedures since 2011.  And the vast majority of the treatments have been on moms, not celebrities.

Coolsculpting is ideal for a person who is taking care of their weight, or losing weight, and has stubborn areas with inches to lose.  CoolSculpting does not lead to weight loss, should be considered more of a body sculpting procedure.

We are each born with a certain number of fat cells.  Fat cells die every so often, whover the course of months to years.  When a fat cell dies, it is replaced by a fat stem cell.

For reasons not entirely understood, when the fat is frozen, the cell dies, and the stem cells are not triggered to replace the dying cell.  This is great news for those looking for targeted fat reduction.

Coolsculpting takes advantage of that process.  The fat cells are frozen, die, and do not come back.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t take the place of diet or exercise.  Other cells can swell.  But, if you have an area of stubborn fat, don’t want surgery and diet and exercise is not working, Coolsclupting may be perfect for you.  You are not alone.  Cosmetic surgery, such as liposuction and/or tummy tucks, can get rid of unwanted fat.  But, I have found that most people do not want surgery.

Coolsculpting is the most effective procedure to permanently eliminate unwanted fat without surgery.  When combined with diet and exercise, the results will last forever.

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