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Clear Brilliance Aftercare





  • Avoid any prolonged sun or tanning exposure (Including airbrush tanning or stains) 2 weeks before treatment.
  • On the day of treatment keep your face or treatment area clean & do not apply make-up or products.


  • Your skin may feel warm or sunburned. It lasts a couple of hours after treatment.
  • Your skin may start to feel rough like sand grit. You may even see a darkening or bronzing of the skin; this also is a typical response. It will exfoliate off.  DO NOT do anything to help the process—avoid any scrubs or rough towels. 
  • Swelling can occur & be more prominent around the eyes, especially in the morning. 


  • CLEAN: Use a soothing cleanser with no abrasives & tepid water. Make sure your hands are clean & pat dry with a towel. Do not rub skin!! 
  • HEAL: Cold compresses can be applied for comfort. In some cases, an RX may be recommended & given if there is a history of cold sores. Please let the provider know if this is needed.  
  • HYDRATE: Your skin will become drier than normal. Post laser creams such as Green Tea Hydration Lotion, or Gentle Recovery Complex should be used as needed for comfort.
  • PROTECT: Apply SPF immediately after your procedure and for daily protection from the sun. (Allure offers chemical free SPF, protection without irritation).  


  • SUNLIGHT!  Wait a minimum of 48 hours before sun exposure.  
  • Avoid swimming or other exposures to other chemicals until the skin has completely healed.
  • Please remember to be diligent about using post laser creams recommended to you by providers.
  • Exercise or other strenuous activity for 24 hours. Sweating & gym environment can be harmful due to bacteria & may cause an adverse reaction. It also encourages the swelling process.


  • Sleep with extra pillows. Elevation can alleviate swelling.  
  • Put your Post Laser Lotion in a refrigerator, so it’s comforting upon applications.
  • Apply Post Laser Lotion liberally to keep skin from becoming dry & tight. It will avoid the skin from becoming itchy & painful.
  • Gel masks are available for an additional cost. (It has a built-in recovery complex)!
  • Your Aesthetician can provide product education for your best result. 

Should there be any questions or concern regarding your procedure feel free to contact our office (586) 992-8300.