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The Two Different Types of Protein Shakes Every Man Should Know How to Make

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Men's Health, Nutrition, Smoothie

If you’re a man who wants to maintain muscle mass as you age, then you need to learn to love protein. More specifically, you need to learn to love protein shakes. Why protein shakes? Because these delicious, nutritious, protein-packed beverages …

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The Beneficial Blueberry Mist Smoothie

Andrew Simon Articles, fruits and vegetables, Healthy Living, Nutrition, Smoothie

  The blueberry mist was made out of coconut milk, blueberries, banana and coconut flakes. The key to using these four ingredients is that they are loaded with nutrients and specific benefits to your health. Breakfast is my favorite meal …

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What Makes This Green Smoothie Bowl So Green?

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Nutrition, Smoothie

Smoothie Bowl Recipe: 1 teaspoon of Spirulina 1 ½ unsweetened almond milk 1-cup blueberries (Preference Choice Frozen) 1-cup pineapple Clean Eating With the increasing need to eat clean in recent years, various new foods have become popular as a result …

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