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The Two Different Types of Protein Shakes Every Man Should Know How to Make

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Men's Health, Nutrition, Smoothie

If you’re a man who wants to maintain muscle mass as you age, then you need to learn to love protein. More specifically, you need to learn to love protein shakes. Why protein shakes? Because these delicious, nutritious, protein-packed beverages …

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Diet and Hormones: Achieving Balance with the Right Foods

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Men's Health, Testosterone

When you’re hungry, you can only think of one thing: FOOD. FOOD. And more FOOD! You want to use that food to attack the hunger in your belly, but the problem is that food is going to attack a lot …

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Why Men Need to Eat Oysters to Keep Their Testosterone Levels Up

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Men's Health, Nutrition, Recipe

In the battle against age, most men know they need to exercise and eat right if they want to look (and feel) young.  But what most men don’t know is they need to make changes to their diet and lifestyle in …

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5 Things You Should Know About Losing Weight

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Nutrition, Weight loss

Chances are you or someone you know has battled their body in an effort to lose excess weight. But do you know why losing weight is so important for longevity and health? Do you know what happens to the body …

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Can Low Testosterone Lead to Early Death?

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Testosterone

When men think of lower testosterone, they typically think of things like a lower sex-drive, lower-energy, and a gradually thinning head of hair.  The one thing they don’t think of? Lower lifespans.  But according to researchers in Great Britain, a lower resistance to …

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Take Up Your Testosterone with Exercise

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Testosterone

Testosterone—men and women need it more than they know. As one of the body’s core hormones, testosterone is essential for the production of lean muscle mass and the maintenance of bone strength (an important note for older women who’re more likely …

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Grazing Versus Set Eating—What You Need to Know

Natalie Buscemi Healthy Living, Men's Health, Nutrition, Testosterone

For decades, dieticians and nutritionists have been encouraging Americans to eat three square meals per day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and avoid snacking as a means of losing weight.   But now weight loss experts appear to be changing. Instead of encouraging people …

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Weight Maintenance Versus Weight Loss

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Weight loss

If you ever open a web browser and search for information on “weight loss” you’ll be inundated with all kinds of blogs, articles, and instructional videos about how to shed that unwanted weight.  But sometimes weight loss isn’t the outright goal. Sometimes the …

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Can Hormones Make You Fat?

Natalie Buscemi Men's Health, Testosterone, Testosterone Replacement, Uncategorized

Hormones are one of many chemical messengers the body uses to regulate its various processes. your mood to your hairline to your waistline Hormones are playing a bigger role than you think. For hormones to be most effective, they need …

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