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Natalie Buscemi Announcements, Fat and Cellulite

ALLURE MEDICAL INTRODUCES GROUNDBREAKING TECHNOLOGY, EMSCULPT® THAT GOES BEYOND CIRCUMFERENTIAL REDUCTION The first-of-its-kind treatment creates a new approach to body shaping that’s ideal for fitness enthusiasts MICHIGAN – 2/18/19 – ALLURE MEDICAL announces the addition of Emsculpt, the first and only …

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How Do Diet Beverages Fare for Weight Control?

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by Dr. Charles Mok So let’s talk about dieting. The American “diet” (noun) has led to a host of problems, not the least of which is the increase of obesity and obesity-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease…and …

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A Vicious Cycle: Low Testosterone and Weight Gain

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If your testosterone is low you’re going to get fat.   There’s been increasing understanding between the connection of low testosterone and weight gain. Questions have remained such as, “which came first, the low testosterone or the weight gain?”  It …

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Trust Your Gut Microbes

Charles Mok, D.O. Fat and Cellulite, Healthy Living

Allure’s on staff Nutritionist, Shana Loggins, explains the benefits of good gut bacteria and how you can make more of it.   In order for the human body to grow and develop, nutrients are needed which are sourced from the …

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Charles Mok, D.O. Fat and Cellulite, Healthy Living

Back on November 30th, 2016, I wrote an article about the 5:2 diet. This was popularized for weight loss, but what if someone just wants a little edge, doesn’t need to lose much weight, and wants to gain strength? In …

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Holiday Weight Maintenance | A Review of the 5:2 Diet

Tiffany Wisnieski Fat and Cellulite, Healthy Living

  By Charles Mok, DO Americans may be responsible for spreading the “fat bug” to Great Britain, but is it possible that the Brits have a remedy we might have missed to lose weight quickly before the holidays kick in?  …

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CoolSculpting: Not Just for Celebrities

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By:  Charles Mok, DO “I tried CoolSculpting, Kloe Kardashian’s Fat-Freezing Secret to a Killer Body.”  As reported by Carrie Dilluvio of E! News, Coolsculpting is no longer just for celebrities. Researchers at Harvard discovered that there is a secret temperature …

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Kick Start your Holiday Weight Loss with ORBERA®

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The season of eating, drinking and merry making is almost upon us. For those of us intent on shaking off a few pounds, it can be a particularly challenging time. What if I told you that you could shake off …

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Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin With Kybella™

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What if I told you there was a wonder drug that could permanently reduce unwanted fat under your chin, without surgery? If you haven’t seen my last blog on Kybella™, you may be interested in hearing about this exciting new …

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CoolSculpting: Start Swimsuit Season with Confidence

Theresa LaBranche, PAC Allure Events, Fat and Cellulite, Real Patient Stories

Summer is finally here, and at Allure Medical we’ve been getting ready for months. The Allure Medical team always knows warm weather is imminent not by the temperatures outside, but by the high demand for our CoolSculpting service! Nobody wants …

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Kybella: The New Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge

Charles Mok, D.O. Fat and Cellulite, New Technology

If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely that you are looking to permanently reduce unwanted fat. Or, you are aware that the FDA approved AXT-101 (brand name, Kybella™) on April 29, 2015 and want to learn more. Kybella is an injectable …

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