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Exfoliating Dry Winter Skin

Natalie Buscemi Cosmetic Solutions, Skin Care

Allure Medical is Opening An Office in West Bloomfield, MI

Tiffany Wisnieski Announcements, Articles, Cosmetic Solutions, Hormone Replacement, Press Release, Veins

Allure Medical Opening Office in February 2018 The Michigan based company made it on Detroit Free Press’s Top Places to Work, Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America and was also featured in The Huffington Post. Allure Medical, Michigan’s largest practice …

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Happier Living Though Clear Skin

Megan Bair Allure Events, Cosmetic Solutions, Dermatology, Real Patient Stories, Skin Care

Meet Terrance BY: LISA HOWARD Acne. We’ve all been there. It usually happens when we hit puberty, but sometimes acne can continue into adulthood. Cystic acne in particular can be difficult to deal with—that’s the kind that results in painful, …

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Hair Restoration Journey with Platelet Rich Plasma

Andrew Simon Cosmetic Solutions, Hair Restoration

My Hair Loss History   “You should know that my dad is bald and once upon a time, my mom married a man with a beautiful head of hair. Some days you sure can feel some slight buyer’s remorse. Hence, …

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Hello, Sunshine, My Old Friend.

Charles Mok, D.O. Articles, Cosmetic Solutions, Dermatology, Healthy Living, Skin Care

Dr. Mok sheds light on a product that reverses sun damage, and you probably already own it.   In a 12 month study, scientists discovered that a product that you may already have around the house, one that is very …

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Let’s All Learn About Gummy Bears

Tiffany Wisnieski Cosmetic Solutions

While gummy bear candies are simply delicious, the gummy bear implants are nothing short of amazing. In fact, they are considered to be the most advanced breast implants on the market today. At Allure we’re full of excitement about this …

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Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin With Kybella™

Charles Mok, D.O. Cosmetic Solutions, Fat and Cellulite, New Technology, Skin Care

What if I told you there was a wonder drug that could permanently reduce unwanted fat under your chin, without surgery? If you haven’t seen my last blog on Kybella™, you may be interested in hearing about this exciting new …

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Dry Skin Care

Tina Kinsley, M.D., FAAD Cosmetic Solutions, Dermatology, Skin Care

It’s that time of year again: time for the cold, dry Michigan air to take a toll on your skin. When the humidity drops, skin can become dry, red, itchy, flaky, and even crack and bleed in severe cases. There …

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Bikini Lines and Razors – Your Burning Questions Answered

Mariana Atanasovski, M.D. Cosmetic Solutions, Dermatology, Healthy Living, Skin Care

Finally, bikini season is officially in full swing. This time of year, I’m often asked how to stay free of the appearance of unsightly, uncomfortable and pesky razor burn in the sensitive bikini line area. So, just for you ladies, I’ve …

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Swimmers Itch – Don’t Let Parasites Ruin Your Summer Fun

Mariana Atanasovski, M.D. Cosmetic Solutions, Dermatology, Healthy Living, Skin Care

Are you visiting a lake this year? Beware of swimmers itch! This unpleasant rash is caused by an allergic reaction to microscopic parasites picked up while swimming. The parasites associated with swimmer’s itch are the larvae of flatworms, which normally …

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Managing a Cold Sore Outbreak

Mariana Atanasovski, M.D. Cosmetic Solutions, Skin Care

Cold Sores are unattractive, uncomfortable, and usually inconvenient. If you’re suffering from a cold sore outbreak, it’s important to know what you can do to minimize the discomfort and overall unpleasant experience you are going through. Also known as “fever …

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Beyond the Basics: Sun Safety for Summer

Mariana Atanasovski, M.D. Cosmetic Solutions, Dermatology, Skin Care

Summer is just around the corner. With each warmer day, we are dreaming about time at the beach, long walks outside and picnics. But all that fun in the sun can definitely take a toll on our skin, leading to …

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