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Known as gummy bears, the Natrelle Style 410 Cohesive Gel Implant is bar-none, the most beautiful and advanced implant in breast augmentation today.

CPGThe big difference

  • Tapered curve prevents implant from wrinkling
  • Healthier placement atop muscle
  • No sedation necessary
  • Textured surface lowers rate of scarring
  • Proven and trusted through a 10 year clinical study
  • Natural contour breast shape

It’s a Personal Choice

Imagine your breasts being fuller, firmer, or perky. Millions of women have chosen breast augmentation to improve their self-esteem, fill out their clothes, or make their bodies more proportionate. Not sure if a breast lift or breast implants are right for you?  We’ll help you every step of the way so can be 100% satisfied with your results.

  • “Scarless” breast augmentation available – performed through your belly button or armpit
  • Breast augmentation options include either silicone or gummy bear implants
  • Some women even choose to use their own fat for their augmentation
  • Costs for breast implants range from $4,900 to $6,900, plus an additional fee of $750 for sedation. Revisions are sometimes needed after surgery. While this is uncommon, there is no additional charge

What Size Do I Need?

At Allure Medical, with multiple offices in the metro Detroit area, we use a special computer/photographic system that simulates what you will look like with different sizes and types of breast implants. Your doctor will measure certain points to determine what will fit properly.


We know you have questions. We are here to help.

It is no secret that a majority of women are not completely content with the breast size they were born with. Fortunately, breast augmentation surgery can be an amazing solution, providing them with the self confidence they’ve been searching for. However, even though this exciting option is available to them, many women never proceed with breast augmentation surgery (or even a surgical consultation) due to fear of the procedure.

We’ve spoken with many patients at Allure and discovered that a majority of these women have the same fears and questions regarding the procedure. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the ten frequently asked questions about breast augmentation surgery. We hope to alleviate any fear that potential breast augmentation patients may have and to encourage them to take advantage of a free surgical consultation with us.


With the new introduction of the gummy bear implants, we now offer breast augmentation surgery without the need for sedation! This is a fantastic option for qualifying candidates. However, if sedation is preferred, this is also an option that we offer at Allure. Allure uses certified anesthesia specialists (CRNA’s) to administer IV sedation to our surgical patients. The CRNA does closely monitor the patients throughout the entire surgery.

Prior to beginning the actual breast augmentation surgery, numbing medication is thoroughly administered to the patients by the surgeons. This numbing medication ensures that our patients are very comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

While there are many factors that can determine how long your procedure will take (such as anatomy, placement of implant, type of incision, and whether you are awake or sedated), the average breast augmentation surgery lasts between 1 and 3 hours.

This will largely depend on which type of breast augmentation you are a candidate for. The surgeon will make an incision (the location of the incision will depend on the patient’s preference as well as the surgeon’s recommendation). The surgeon will then raise the tissue and place the implant (either silicone or saline) underneath the tissue. If saline implants are chosen, the surgeon then fills the empty implant with the saline solution. Placement of the implant is typically one of two places; either directly under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle. Of note, implant placement is a joint decision between the patient and the surgeon

No, this is considered to be an outpatient surgery. Therefore, patients are able to return to the comfort of their homes following the procedure. Of note, patients that are sedated for their surgery are required to have a reliable adult present to drive them home upon discharge from the breast augmentation procedure.

Patients will be transferred from the operating room to the recovery area where they will be closely monitored by the surgical staff until it is deemed safe for them to be discharged home. If there was no sedation given, recovery time is typically much quicker. During this recovery period, thorough instructions are provided to both the patient and their driver (if applicable).

Of course this will vary per patient, however, we advise patients to allow approximately 1-2 weeks for recovery. Please note that this does not necessarily include returning to all prior upper-body exercises/activities in 1-2 weeks, as some patients may be recommended to wait longer.

Again, this will vary per patient. However, while patients do experience some discomfort following breast augmentation, the pain is generally very well controlled with the medications that we dispense to our patients upon discharge home from surgery.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery varies based on style of implant and approach chosen. Not everyone will be a candidate for every type of implant that we offer. Therefore, it is best to be seen for a consultation in order to know which implants would be recommended. Regardless of which implants and approach are decided upon, the surgery price includes the implant placement surgery (as well as pre and post-surgical care), discharge medications, surgical garment/bra, and all follow-up visits. If breast augmentation surgery is to be performed under anesthesia, there is a $750 sedation fee.

While online research can be very helpful, the absolute best way to learn the answers to these questions is to come in to Allure for a free consultation as it will vary upon body type, preference, and goal.

Hopefully this information was helpful in alleviating some of the fear that many potential breast augmentation patients face! Please call Allure Medical today to schedule a free consultation with us and take the first step towards having the self-esteem that you deserve!

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