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Mini Book Series

Happy Patients. Abundant Economy.

A book series written by Allure Medical’s founder, Dr. Charles Mok.

At Allure, we believe in curing a disease, not just managing symptoms. Out-dated treatments are putting a huge burden on our nation’s economy and causing patients unnecessary suffering. We have the power to make an incredible shift in care and that is exactly what we are going to do.

This comprehensive series is available to anyone interested in keeping up with the evolution of healthcare and staying on top of the latest and most effective practices.

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dr. mok multiple sclerosis book

New Discoveries in the World of Multiple Sclerosis

Drug therapies for Multiple Scerlosis either slow down the progression of the disease or lessen its effects. They do not cure it. The goal of this booklet is to educate you on the development of multiple sclerosis, and the recent discoveries offering clues to future cures.