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Advanced Vein Disease at Allure Medical

Allure Medical focuses on the most advanced forms of chronic venous insufficiency. People suffering from CEAP 4 through CEAP 6 are the most underserved population and the most often misdiagnosed and improperly treated.

ceap classification of vein disease with symptoms that include skin changes, leg discoloration, healed leg ulcer, venous stasis ulcer, varicose veins, leg swelling, leg pain

CEAP 4 Symptoms

Patients with a CEAP 4 classification may experience excessive leg swelling and notice skin that has become discolored, scaly, achy, or itchy.

CEAP 5 Symptoms

With a CEAP 5 classification, one has experienced an open sore or ulcer that has formed on the lower portion of the leg, which may have semi-healed from conservative wound care treatments, however, symptoms like pain, itching, throbbing, swelling, discoloration, and skin texture changes persist.

CEAP 6 Symptoms

An active, open leg sore or ulcer is classified as a CEAP 6. Ulcers are the most advanced and painful stage of vein disease. Without proper intervention and curing the underlying cause, ulcers are slow to heal, if they do at all.

The Early Stages of Vein Disease

Prior to the development of CEAP 4 through CEAP 6 symptoms, less severe forms (CEAP 1-CEAP 3) begin to show in patients. Vein specialists across the world widely treat these lesser symptoms, which will comprise the extent of their services. Advanced classifications are typically relegated to wound care centers.

As a result, Allure Medical has chosen to put our resources into helping people suffering from severe disease (CEAP classifications 4-6). Advanced disease is regularly misdiagnosed, and most people don’t realize the condition can be cured.

ceap system of vein disease one through three. spider veins, varicose veins, leg swelling

CEAP 1 Symptoms

A patient with a CEAP 1 classification exhibits small spider veins that appear close to the skin. Although they are visible, they are non-life threatening and are usually treated for cosmetic purposes only.

CEAP 2 Symptoms

Those who have developed varicose veins (enlarged and twisted veins) are classified as a CEAP 2. The leg veins may be unsightly but not too concerning unless the patient is also experiencing symptoms such as excessive swelling, restless legs, throbbing, itching, heaviness, cramping, numbness, or fatigue.

CEAP 3 Symptoms

The CEAP 3 classification of vein disease is used to describe leg symptoms that include noticeable swelling along with other symptoms such as visible varicose veins, restless legs, throbbing, itching, heaviness, cramping, numbness, or fatigue. At Allure Medical, we do see patients who fall into this classification if they are also exhibiting symptoms that affect them negatively in their daily lives.

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