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The 80/20 Rule

In the modern society, there is a significant shift in the society’s inclination towards healthy living. In particular, people are more concerned with what they eat and the exercise they get than they were in the 1900s.

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The Low FODMAP to Weight Loss

One of the biggest obstacles to effective weight loss is food sensitivity—it can be incredibly hard to eat the “right things” and have the energy to exercise when the “right things” you’ve been trying to eat leave you feeling bleh. And if you’ve ever felt lethargic, bloated, or uncomfortable after eating certain “healthy” foods, you know firsthand how debilitating food sensitivity can be.

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Get Super Ripped Fast

Back on November 30th, 2016, I wrote an article about the 5:2 diet. This was popularized for weight loss, but what if someone just wants a little edge, doesn’t need to lose much weight, and wants to gain strength? In the 5:2 diet, you eat normal for 5 days, and fast for 2. This was compared in clinical studies to going on a very low calorie diet, such as 1200k calorie a day.

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