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Are stem cells the key to facial beauty?

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It is well known that subcutaneous fat, the fat under the skin, has abundant stem cells, the cells in the body that have the potential to grow into other types of cells.  Doctors are able to use these cells in other parts of the body with the hope that they will repair tissues that are damaged from injury or aging.

In the face, fat transfer procedures help to accomplish revolumization (adding volume that was lost with age) and have the added benefit of delivering stem cells under the skin at the same time.

In a recent news story reported on Yahoo!, Dr. Kotlus describes a fat transfer procedure that helped a woman who had Perry Romberg Syndrome, characterized by half of the face sinking in.  He used fat taken from around her belly button using a mini liposuction procedure and threaded the fat into the hollow and sunken areas of her face, helping to restore her symmetry.

Dr. Kotlus routinely performs cosmetic facial fat transfer as a standalone procedure or in combination with eyelid lifts and face lifts in Allure Medical’s accredited surgical facility in Shelby Township, Michigan.