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Allure Launches NEW Magazine: all.U

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You’re going to love all·u Magazine. It’s all about you! Bring out the person you are meant to be.


This magazine is not just about healthcare. You’ll read stories from inspirational authors who have overcome hardships, have studied the human condition and have helped people through some of the most stressful and trying times.

But, still. If you’re the kind of person that wants to know about the latest, cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and medical advances available on the market today, you’re going to love this issue!

In your busy life, clutter comes from everywhere. There are new stories on the internet that you’re not sure whether or not to believe. There are sensationalized health tips, must reads and self-help articles everywhere you look. You probably have had the frustration of not knowing which stories are true and which stories are just promoting some agenda and are not based on reality.

Fear not. You’re going to have an inside look into Allure Medical, its people, and its practice. You’re also going to read stories that will help you improve your life, your relationships with others and the way that people perceive you. This is the first issue of all·u Magazine from Allure. Our intent is to make this magazine valid, informative and contemporary for you.

So whether you have a question on what you’ve read, or are curious about a new procedure you’ve learned about elsewhere, or have a suggestion for a future article, please let us know. You can email Allure at or call or text us at 586-992-8300. We look forward to hearing from you!

It’s my pleasure serving you.

Dr. Charles Mok
Founder, Allure Medical