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6 Tips to Manage Beauty with Ease

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Everyone has imperfections that diet and exercise just won’t touch. With locations in Clarkston, Livonia, Shelby Township and serving patients throughout the state of Michigan, Allure Medical has options for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures that will help you achieve all of your beauty goals. Here are six tips to help you perfect your look that good eating habits and jogging alone may not fix.

Tighten that Tummy

For patients with stubborn fat deposits, CoolSculpting is a great non-surgical option with almost no downtime. Over several months, just a few treatments with this cold energy technology will eliminate concentrated fat deposits for results that are permanent and resistant to weight gain in the future.

For stretch marks below the belly button and excess skin or flab, a CombiTuck™ will do the trick. This surgical procedure is meant for women who are finished having children are ready to get that flat tummy back. A CombiTuck™ decreases the amount of tissue trauma and leaves you with less down time so you can get back to your regular routine fast.

Blemish Free Skin

Isolaz is the newest acne treatment to hit the market, and it’s available at Allure Medical. This therapy combines a vacuum to help break up and remove dirt, blackheads, and oil from deep inside your pores with light-based technology that helps kill the bacteria that causes acne and other skin conditions. Results are immediate, so you can present your best face to the world in no time at all.

Fuller Hair

Allure Medical offers NeoGraft to both men and women. This is new technology that allows you to get the hair you desire without the scarring from hair transplants of the past. With a short recovery time and no stitches or staples, this option leaves you with up to twice the amount of hair you would get from older methods. All it takes is a quick consultation to get you started. In just weeks you could have a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Less Body Hair

While a full head of hair is great, dark hair on the face isn’t a challenge women want to deal with. The laser hair removal process at Allure Medical is a long-term solution for hair removal, using the safest and quickest technology in the industry. While most facilities only have one piece of equipment, Allure Medical has invested in an array of state-of-the-art equipment, so the right choice can be made for your specific hair and skin type.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Here at Allure, we can help you erase any unwanted tattoos with the latest laser tattoo removal technology. Compared to the 15 treatment average of typical tattoo removal processes that take up to two and a half years, PicoSure provides the same results in just 2-4 treatments with less recovery time and for less money.

Eliminate Varicose Veins

Allure Medical offers a number of options to treat unsightly varicose veins. Not only will you look better, but getting rid of varicose veins also improves circulation and eliminates the heaviness and tingling you can experience with this condition. Not only will varicose veins not improve on their own, but they will get worse over time. Why not see what your options are with a quick and easy consultation?

Allure Medical is proud to have served Michigan residents for ten years. With highly skilled doctors and technicians, you can feel confident that your safety and privacy are our first concern. With many surgical and non-surgical options for both men and women, a phone call to Allure Medical is all it takes to get you started on the path to a more beautiful you.